Boom Beach is a hugely popular MMO real-time strategy game for iOS and Android. The game is developed by Supercell, and it has been out for a bit more than two years. During the time it has been out, it has managed to amass a large number of users who are in love with the game.

One of the problems most of the players have is that they are not aware of the tactical aspect of the game. Players know that the game isn’t easy to play if you want to be successful, and this is why we have decided to write this Boom Beach home base strategy guide.

Building placement and Base Defense

The first thing you should do is start working on your base and your defenses. Your home base is the most important part of your operation; your goal is to keep it safe no matter what. The worst thing you can do in Boom Beach is to ignore setting up your base.

The best thing to do is to place your HQ in a position that is hard to reach with defenses covering its front, back, and sides. You shouldn’t keep your HQ close to the woods because the enemies with the “Flare” ability can run through the trees.


Next order of business is protecting your defensive structures with non-essential buildings by placing them near, but not right next to them.

Remember to leave a small spacing (1 square) between the buildings. If you omit to leave the spaces between buildings, then the enemy Artillery will be able to hit multiple buildings. You wouldn’t want that, trust us.

Another important aspect of our Boom Beach home base strategy is that your weapons need to be placed strategically. The enemy units attack the next closest building automatically. So be sure that you scatter your weapons among the non-essential weapons, this will give you time to combat the enemy.

You don’t have many buildings at the beginning of the game, but follow our advice, and you will advance much faster, and your base will gain more firepower.

Defensive Strategies

When it comes to defending your base, Gold storage, Sawmill, etc. are worthless, but this does not mean that you can place these buildings anywhere. Remember that the enemy receives 3 Energy for their Gunboat for every building that gets destroyed. You might think that these buildings aren’t important, but they are crucial to the enemy, and thus you should consider them important as well. Always place the non-defensive buildings in the range of your defenses.

When you decide to upgrade a Defensive building, it becomes inactive and doesn’t do anything to defend your base. If you are upgrading a defensive building close to your HQ, consider swapping it with another defensive building to compensate for the lack of defense.

If you notice that you are running out of resources, you may spend some money, or you can gain them by using our resource generator. This game is awesome, but the problem is that it can’t be played for a long time because the resources are scarce. If you need more coins, iron, wood, stone, or diamonds, be sure to check this awesome generator for Boom Beach resources.

Optimize Your Layout

One of the best ways to optimize the layout of your base is to watch the replays. Replays will show you which parts of your layout are weak, so try to learn something from watching them. You should also utilize the power of scouting to check out the layouts of other players. Compare your base to the other players’ bases, and you will learn a lot.


Another thing you could do is to imagine that you are the enemy attacking your base. Think about how would you go around conquering your base and use what you have learned to adjust the layout of your base.

There are three popular base layouts if you don’t want to think of your own.

  1. The corner layout

This type of a layout gives your enemy only one angle to attack from, but your defenses have to be placed close together.

  1. The middle layout

Yes, the attacker can attack from multiple angles, but your defensive buildings are placed at all four sides of the HQ

  1. The frontal layout

This layout lets you immediately attack the Troops as soon as they step off the Landing Crafts. Your attacker will have little time to react, but your HQ will be close to the sand, which makes it an easy attack for Warriors and Smoke Screens.

Remember, you are supposed to be having fun, so don’t be afraid to experiment and come up with your ideas. Good luck and have fun!