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Why Do You Need Hacks and Cheats for Boom Beach?

Boom Beach CheatsAfter extraordinary success of Clash of Clans, SuperCall released Boom Beach at the end of last year. Just like Clash of Clans, this is a strategy type of game with the similar concept of building and organizing your base, upgrading defensive buildings, detailed resource, and troop management. However, Boom Beach has much more complicated, but at the same more interesting mechanics of the game. Basically, the game is “free-to-play”, but in fact, it is designed in such way that developers earn a lot of money via “in-app-purchase”, a system of buying premium items in the game that makes the game easier without having to wait for endless upgrades. SuperCell actually makes millions every day on such small purchases. A player is able to buy resources like wood, gold or iron directly from the shop and skip time needed to collect them directly in the game. It is surely an advantage for those players that can afford to buy diamonds with real money, but at the same time, it is just a small disadvantage for those players that cannot afford them. At the end of the day, all players must rely on strategic skills because, after all, Boom Beach is not ‘pay to win’ game.

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Our hack tool has been carefully tested to ensure effectiveness and compatibility among different mobile devices. Problems, like random crashes that were apparent during beta testing, are solved in the final version. This hack can run in the background without taking too many resources from your smartphone or tablet. If you are running device with a new operating system from Apple and Android, you will definitely feel the difference and ultimate compatibility. In latest version developers implemented much faster time of generating resources like wood, stone, diamonds, iron and gold. The new version of Boom Beach cheat engine is able to collect the same amount of resources in 5 minutes like the previous version in 15-20 minutes! That is a huge improvement! Our developers established new algorithm and imported it to the latest version. With our hack tool, you can generate infinite amount of diamonds, gold, and other resources in Boom Beach ! We provide definite and safest source of the latest Boom Beach Hack tool for Android and iOS!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this software safe? My greatest fear is to lose my account, so if I start to use this software, is there any possibility that my account may be banned from the game?

This tool is 100% safe! Our Hack Tool has been tested for a long time and it is completely undetectable. The developers guarantee 100% safety, so there is no possibility to be banned for using this tool.

Is there any limit how many diamonds and other resources can be generated daily?

There is absolutely no limit on a number of resources you can generate every day! That is amazing! For your own safety, do not surpass 10.000 per day.

What kind of iOS device do I need in order to run the hack? Do I need jailbroken iOS device?

Absolutely not! You can use this software on any version, regular or jailbroken iOS device.

Boom Beach Generator is not running? What should I do?

The best way is to contact support with relevant details. We will help you personally to solve any specific problem you may have.

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